Call of Arabia

Oh how I envy dancers who work with a band all the time!

Tomorrow night (Saturday 29th October) I’m taking part in “The Call of Arabia”, a new show being produced by The Arab Quarter go buy a ticket if you haven’t already 🙂

On Wednesday I had rehearsals with the band, along with Melanie Norman and Anne White. It was just great being able to work with Hassan (tabla, vocals) and George (keyboards), deciding which parts of each song to do, which bits should be longer or shorter, how the introduction should sound, what rhythms to use…in short, to totally customise the song. Rather tricky to get such a good result from a CD without access to an editing suite and a sound engineer. When Emile (violin) and Bashir (ney) arrived the sound just filled the studio, it was glorious. I will do my best to make my dancing live up to their music 🙂 I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night.

One thought on “Call of Arabia

  1. Mara and I went to see the show on Saturday night (The call of Arabia). Those of you who didn’t manage to get there, missed a fantistic show. The dancing was inspirational.

    Emma you were fantastic! To dance to a live band with such syncrinisation, amazing! I felt so pround to know that you are my teacher. I nealy let out a “whooo” but had to control myself in case everyone looked at me. It is such a pleasure to watch how you express your emotions and how clearly you “feel” the music, which I think is an important aspect of dance to get inside the music. I hope you had an amazing time up there on the stage. When’s your next performance?

    See you soon.

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