Checking in from the pool

This morning I woke up to my phone reminding me thatย  online check in had opened, which means that in 24 hours I’ll be on a plane home and this adventure will have come to an end ๐Ÿ™

This is where I am right now:



I’m not a sun worshipper so I haven’t been out here much, and while I’m here I’m sheltering under one of the canopy beds, but since this is my last day I thought I’d catch a little sun before heading back to England. I gather you’ve been having a spot of rain ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you’ll know already that I had a pretty good night last night. It was the competition and I’m through to the final! I still can’t believe it. I was so nervous when I got on stage and felt disoriented by the lights and though I recovered I didn’t think it would be enough, especially after I watched all the other dancers. I guess Randa was in a generous and forgiving mood ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t spoken to her yet, she left before the results were announced. Randa hates competitions! It’s really good of her to do it anyway, it’s such a good learning experience. She said afterwards that everyone was good, everyone was a professional and had their own

Tonight is the final, with the band. We all had to give a shortlist of songs and Randa has chosen what we’re going to dance to. I got “Esmaooni” which I’m very happy about. I danced to “Fi Youm Wa Leyla” last night so it’s been an all-Warda competition for me! At the moment I’m not feeling as nervous as I was yesterday, I’m just so happy to have been given this opportunity and tonight I want to enjoy myself. I won’t place but I’ll tell you all about it later. Lots of dancers are going to be dancing with the band as part of the show and I’m really looking forward to watching them.

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