I first saw Dandesh when she came to the UK with the Farha tour in 2005. I loved her casual dance style, so apparently simple but relying on very precise technique, and her relaxed on stage personality so full of humour. She stopped performing in the nightclubs shortly after that but is now takes part in Egyptian dance festivals. Last year she performed at a party for my student group on our trip to Cairo, which we all loved!

Her party piece is a dance where she mimics the styles of other famous dancers. If you don’t know who most of the dancers are then I guess the joke will be lost on you, but if you do then she is very funny indeed:

She will do different dacners each time but in this clip you can see her dance like Samia Gamal, Tahia Carioca, Soheir Zaki (who you can see laughing in the audience!), Nagwa Fouad, Sahar Hamdi, Aida Nour (also in the audience!), Dina, Fifi Abdo and finally herself. Notice how controlled and isolated her powerful hip movements are when she is dancing her own style.

Dandesh is multi-talented! Did you know she is a lovely singer? Here she is singing “Ya Baladi Ya Wad”:

You can see Dandesh this year at the Farha Festival in Luxor

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