For the Record: (Some Of) My Teachers

I like to give credit when I can. I feel bad that the biographies I give to people don’t acknowledge all the people who have helped me become the dancer I am today, but as you’ll see, there are just so many of them! So here, in aphabetical order, is a list of people who I have learned from on at least two occasions (I started with a list of everyone who I have ever had a class or workshop with but it was much too long!):

Aida Nour
Beatrice Curtis
Eman Zaki
Galit Mersand
Gwen Booth
Heather Burby
Jim Boz
Jo Wise
Kay Taylor
Khaled Mahmoud
Leyla of Cairo
Lisa Michaela
Lorna Gow
Margaret Krause
Maria D’Silva
Melanie Norman
Mohamed El Hosseny
Pauline Sayhi
Princess Farhana
Rachel Brice
Raed Abd El Ghany
Randa Kamel
Raqia Hassan
Sara Farouk
Tara Lee-Oakley
Tracey Gibbs
Trish Rapley-Giles
Yousry Sharif
Yvette Cowles

Limiting myself to people I have learned from twice has meant leaving off some big names, so if I’ve left you off please don’t be offended because you’re keeping good company 🙂 (with Fifi Abdo for one!). Even if I did include all those people the list would still be incomplete because it wouldn’t include the influences I’ve picked up from dancing alongside people, from watching dancers perform in shows and on video and also from seeing how they interact with other students, other professionals and musicians (and learning from those musicians too!). No dancer springs fully formed into this world, or is the protege and one true heir of Samia Gamal, and it’s silly to pretend otherwise. So to ALL my teachers – THANK YOU!

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