Now the hard work starts…

The second full day of lessons is over and Randa is taking no prisoners! We are learning a choreography to her magency (that’s the first dance a dancer does in her show to introduce herself to the audience and show off her strengths) which is amazing to watch but so hard to dance. To help us get through it all we started this morning and continued through the afternoon and I think we’ve covered 5 and a half minutes which is pretty good work. I sat out the last run through so I could take a video and was really impressed by how well everyone was remembering it (my brain is full!) especially people who I know only had five hours sleep!

Yes, so 8 of us went out to see Soraya last night at the Marriott, which ended up being a late night (back at 3am). I’ve been to the Marriott before to see Randa in the nightclub (we’ll just skip over why Soraya is there instead!) but last night we were up on the roof in the open air. It was like a little ampitheatre with booths for the audience, there was a stage set up for the dancer and her musicians could sit around it. We got a good long show with three sets and lots of lovely songs, finishing with Soraya’s showpiece – her drum solo. Her shimmies are incredible! And she does it all in massive high heels which I’m sure I couldn’t even walk in never mind dancing. She’s a very sweet dancer, really engaging to watch. After all the excitement of the opening night it was nice to sit back and relax. We all got up and did a little dancing until it was time for our taxis to take us back to the hotel – we’ve been advised to let the course organisers arrange our transport rather then do it ourselves. It’s a bit of a shame because jumping into random taxis is always an eventful experience but it’s best to be safe.

Photos! Because everyone likes to see the costumes:




The green dress is my favourite, but I’m not in the market for costumes on this trip so I’m staying well away from the temptation of the costume stalls.

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