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  1. I just stumbled on your blog randomly, as one does, and I have to say that you are an inspiration! I attended a very ‘prim and proper’ secondary school in which intellectualism was fostered but there was zero emphasis on loving your body and yourself. I really feel that that side of things was missing from me then, and to a certain extent, still is. Maybe you should give lessons in schools and help bolster girls’ self-esteem! One thing I wanted to ask you: do you plan on having children? I am not remotely judging (considering they are not at all on the cards for my partner and I); I was just wondering if the answer was yes, how you would fit that into your crazy schedule and into your profession. It seems difficult to juggle work and kids and many people I grew up with appear to have taken the ‘career’ path, but now I have moved I find I am surrounded by people who think it is ‘weird’ not to want any, so I would be curious as to your opinion on this, if you don’t mind sharing! You seem a fairly open person so I hope it was ok for me to ask. Best of luck in the future!

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