What other dancers say about Emma:

“Emma Chapman is an inspiration. She is a fantastic teacher and performer. An example to us all of where sheer hard work and determination can get you. Emma has taught at my residential weekend and been an assessor for JWAAD belly dance training Ltd. She is always professional, students find her approachable and take away so much from her classes. I would highly recommend Emma to teach or perform at any events and would happily have her back at mine when she returns to the UK.” – Kay Taylor, owner of Farida Dance and Head of Professional Training for JWAAD

“Emma, I love your feeling!” – Randa Kamel

“The first time I saw Emma Chapman perform was at the JoY festival in Saltaire, England. I was moved to seek her out after the show and tell her how impressed I had been by her understanding of the music, her technique and her integrity as a dancer. After almost 30 years of teaching and over 13 years living in Egypt this is not something I do lightly.
As the coordinator of Randa Kamel of Course I have been privileged to witness the growth in both her commitment and skill within the dance over a number of years.
Emma was one of the 18 performers in my show Sara’s Last Stand, London, May 2103. Her solo performance was outstanding and she was an invaluable team member when it came to rehearsing and performing the three group dances. I found working with her on her solo a complete joy. She is receptive as a student and utterly reliable as a performer. I happen to know that she is also an experienced and knowledgeable teacher.” – Sara Farouk

“Emma Chapman is one of the UK’s success stories in the world of Egyptian dance. She has not only studied and performed this style at a high level, she has also taken the time and effort to make many journeys to Cairo in search of a deeper understanding of the cultural context of the dance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a teacher of Egyptian style belly dance.” – Yasmina of Cairo

“I first became aware of Emma when she danced for us at Planet Egypt. She caught my eye as she has a solid and earthy style and a sweet stage presence. She had something I liked and I knew I wanted to see more of her in our shows. She has returned to us many times, and each time she executes a dance that we have never seen her perform before. She takes risks and pushes her boundaries. As an artist I admire this.” – Anne White, founder of Planet Egypt