Workshops with Lorna

Yesterday brought two welcome visitors to Cambridge – the sun and Lorna of Cairo! She was here to teach two workshops as part of her UK tour. One of the great things about Lorna’s teaching is how she tailors her material to suit the group in front of her. Our group ranged in experience from improvers to professionals (and how I love to see other teachers participating in workshops!) which can be challenging for a teacher, but I think we all came away from the first technique workshop with new moves, new ways of thinking about familiar moves and most importantly new concepts to apply to our dancing. I’ve done my 5 minute shimmy practice today – have you?

Since it was such a glorious sunny day the people staying for the second workshop all went across the road for a picnic on Parkers Piece and watched the cyclists on their way back from the London to Cambridge ride:
A bellydance picnic
I think all workshops should include a picnic in the sunshine!

Our second workshop was “Dance with an Egyptian accent”, which I had requested specially after taking it last year. It really changed how I thought about my dancing. It’s all about how you acknowledge the accents in the music. Last year Lorna gave us seven ways of doing it – this year she had twelve! I found myself doing a 13th during the drum solo – eyebrow accents 🙂 I found the workshop just as interesting second time round, it’s great for making you really listen to the music and for identifying the ways you like to move. Some of the accents felt very natural, some were difficult, some were unusual but felt good and I’ll try and incorporate those in my dancing. We came a long way in two hours and I think everyone had tired legs and a full brain by the end. Success!

There is still time to catch Lorna while she’s in the UK, check out her tour schedule to see when she’s near you. I bribed her with local cider to get her to come back to Cambridge next year 🙂

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