New class!

So my brand new, first ever American class is starting on Monday! I am really excited to be doing this. Because this is my first time teaching here I’m breaking with my usual 10 week course format and doing something a little different. To give people a chance to try out my style of dance and teaching I’m doing 4 weeks of drop in classes, which can be taken individually but will be tied together by a theme: baladi.

Baladi IS bellydance. It’s the social dance you’ll see women do all over Egypt, and while it can be danced in a performance context as well I want to focus on that social setting. We’re going to learn some moves and get dancing together! There won’t be choreography to learn and we’ll keep it relaxed and fun 🙂 so if you’re new to bellydance this will be a nice introduction. If you’re a more experienced dancer this will be a chance to really get back to basics and think about the heart of this dance, and I’ll throw some more challenging technique your way. As my Cambridge students will tell you, I can always make things more difficult….. 😉

Classes will be at Sugar Space on Monday nights from 7-8pm and will run until 14th April. I hope you can come and join me!

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