My students have a lot of performances coming up, and they are all on the same weekend! Next Saturday I’m taking a group to a hafla in Huntingdon (hosted by Caroline with special guest star Kay Taylor) where we’ll be dancing a drum solo. It’s a dance I first taught a few years ago and the group seemed to like it, so we performed it quite a lot. When new people joined the class I taught it again, and again, and tried to resist the temptation to tweak it along the way 🙂 I think I will have to choreograph a new drum solo for us so I can use all my new ideas! As well as the group dance three of my students will be performing solos. I love watching my students blossom and develop their own dances, although I turn into a Stage Mother, excited and nervous for them in equal parts. Far more so than for my own performances!

On Sunday a bigger group will be taking part in the Big Weekend on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge. This is a celebration of world music and dance and is a wonderful family day out. I love going to it and was delighted to be asked to be in it. This will be the third year my group has taken part. We’ve spent this term preparing enough dances for a 30 minute set, which is a lot of work. I like to have plenty of variety for such a long performance, and if you come to watch you’ll see modern Egyptian, saidi, pop, classical and a magency which includes oriental, baladi, saidi, khaleegy as well as different props – you see why this is such hard work! Everyone has pulled together to make the group dances really exciting. I’ll be doing some solos to give them a break and then we’ll all teach the audience some moves and get them up and dancing. Then it will be time for a well earned ice cream (or possibly beer) before heading off to enjoy the rest of the day. Look out for sparkly ladies in red, they’ll be the ones dancing right at the front 🙂

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