Still here!

Well, it’s been a while since I updated this blog! Real life has been getting in the way of online life I’m afraid. A new job, a house move and time spent exploring this new country I live in – a year has gone by already and there’s so much still to see!

I’ve found a little bit of time to dance though 🙂 I taught a weekend of workshops here in Salt Lake City for the lovely Thia, as well as dancing in her fabulous “Welcome to the Jungle” show. Local dancers will know how much effort she puts into her themes and this one was a real WOW. It was great to get back to teaching some of my favourite topics as well as some new ideas I’ve been working on.

I had two dance weekends away planned, sadly one of them got cancelled at the last minute but I did manage to go to the Randa Kamel Extensive Course hosted by Little Egypt in Dallas. Four full days of Randa – of course I was going to be there! We focused on technique and I think everyone benefited from working hard every day. Randa also talked a lot about how we should be dancing, not just technique but musicality and expression and of course FEELING. I learned some new things! Did you know taqasim aren’t really meant for dancing? They’re supposed to be played while you are off stage getting changed 🙂 There was a competition as well, you can see my first round performance on my video page but I am afraid you will never see my performance in the final unless you were there! I had two musicians who couldn’t even keep time with each other and I am afraid that it rather affected my dancing 😉

Now I’m looking ahead to the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive where I will be teaching (Saturday 6th September, 10:30 – 12:00) and then performing later in the afternoon. After that I am heading back to the UK for Shimmy in the City in London  (performing), Jewel of Yorkshire in Saltaire (teaching and performing) and Cambridge (teaching). Better get to work!

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