Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

I recently noticed that a particular dancer seems to be popping up all over the place. It’s this lady:

Dancer in bedlahShe is more commonly seen in silhouette:

Silhouette of the same dancerYou’ll find her advertising hen parties:

Advert for a hen partyand university societies:

Logo of University of Kent BellydanceYou’ll find her in London:

Flyer for the Collaboration eventGreece (you can only see her upper body but it’s definitely her):

Flyer for Cairo by Night festivaland China:

Flyer for International Belly Dance Cultural Festival in ChinaShe also appears in magazines:

Ispahan magazineand on the cover of CDs:

Cover of Tigi Tigi singleWhere have you seen her?


(This post is not intended to make fun of the people who have used this image, but to make fun of its ubiquity. These are just the examples I have come across since having the idea for this post about six weeks ago, the only ones I went looking for were the original two images.)